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  • MOOD 3.75
  • COST 3.50
  • S0UND 5.00
  • SECURITY 3.75
  • SERVICE 4.00
  • FEAVER 4.25
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contributor : Y
Submitted date :2019.11.04 13:57
Agefare went. I Ageha was a long time, after all big! Powerful that still different ~ ♪ Floor does not get tired at all there is also a number ◎ w table since become absolutely get lost too wide is I think that it is essential!
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contributor : T.T
Submitted date :2018.01.19 19:51
listening music at Water with a beer is the best in midsummer!but It's really cold in winter. . . so make sure you don't fall into the pool! The sound of ARENA is the highest quality in Japan! you can enjoy the music wherever you are!
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Club Detail

Multipurpose entertainment space STUDIO COAST was born on December 31, 2002 in Shinkiba. The club event that started there is ageHa. A gorgeous world full of entertainment where people can gather, delight, surprise, and excitement. The ultimate entertainment space of ""ONLY ONE"" that is only here is what ageHa aims for, and that is the theme ""Adult Night Wonderland"" that has not changed for more than 10 years.

It's Japan's preeminent venue, mobilizing over 500,000 people if STUDIO COAST is included. A glamorous world rich in entertainment, where it's possible to share ""togetherness"", ""joy"", ""surprise"", ""excitement"". ageHa's goal is to be the ultimate entertainment space, an ""ONLY ONE"" with no parallels, and that has been ageHa's unchanging theme for 15 years, ""A grown-up's wonderland”.

With this unchanging theme, on the night of the 15th year, we will have a party like a toy box, filled with surprises. The dance music scene has had intense changes over time, but keeping with the goal of being a space of entertainment where different people can get together regardless of ethnicity or nationality, let's build together a night to remember. Filled with 15 years of gratitude.

Business hours 23:00 - 5:00 ※depending on the event.
Age group
Average budget ¥20,000/1GUEST
1Drink ¥1,000~
Capacity of people 2,400PEOPLE
Credit card
※ Average budget and price display will be a guide for VIP