Roppongi [SEL OCTAGON TOKYO] the hottest!


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Open to the sister restaurant of the CLUB [OCTAGON (Octagon)], which boasts the overwhelming popularity in Korea Roppongi, Tokyo in February 2019! Trick people to produce a number of popular artists and events Avex Entertainment Inc.! ! In OK ♫ also limited price VIP booking CLUB PORT CLUB of such a topic

VIP entrance is completely parted from the general admission, VIP is and tell the name at the Midtown across from the building "AXALL ROPPONGI" the first floor of the entrance, you did a guide to direct booking seats from the elevator! Even big matrix with any popular event, this alone should feel a sense of superiority of VIP reservation! !
Acoustics, adopted the world's most advanced system! Renowned equipped with a highest peak VOID Company sound system of acoustic design that has been set up in the prestigious club, you can enjoy the SEL OCTAGON TOKYO original ♫ VIP Datte Avex quality of large satisfaction accustomed to play in the world.
VIP FLOOR is in a location that is adjacent to the main floor, and Pampanga of the floor, with views of the DJ booth, you spend the best time in the champagne one hand. Of course, important items are also in the editing unit basis of VIP-only toilets are equipped! Also it has become a element to produce a VIP where the amenities are substantial! !
As a way to play recommendations of CLUB PORT editorial department, to participate in about men only if 4 people be a good balance of the seat! Unlike Shibuya and other areas CLUB, also recommended going to play with a woman. Location area, brand power of CLUB, artists that have appeared, the space of the VIP seats, for none of environment who are willing women would no doubt!
Brand boasts an overwhelming popularity and to book the VIP seats per person 10,000 yen level in the SEL OCTAGON TOKYO Guests can indulge in a ♫ world with limited plan of CLUB PORT, made a satisfactory time definitely in the production force of Avex you! !