Chugoku・Shikoku Show map

Club Detail

Even adults accustomed to play will be confused when opening the door
Gorgeous decorations with attention to detail spread to the floors that follow different spaces.

The main floor where countless moving lights shoot.
The first DJ booth in conjunction with the huge 3D LED vision in Japan.
An acoustic system that sounds with overwhelming power.
All of them will give you an unprecedented experience and excitement.

In the VIP area across the main floor, women-only services such as ladies' seats and powder rooms, which are delightful for women, are available.
In "HERBIE" there is a magic that makes a woman's everyday a princess.
HERBIE, a large nightclub that pursues unlimited possibilities and excitement, continues to mobilize more than 2,300 people every week in Nagarekawa, the largest downtown area of ​​Chugoku and Shikoku, in Hiroshima, a peaceful tourist city visited by many tourists from overseas and outside the prefecture. Herbie).

Business hours 21:00 (Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday and public holidays) ※depending on the event.
Business hours2 21:00 (Friday, Saturday, the day before holidays)
Age group Late 20s
Average budget ¥3,500/1GUEST
1Drink ¥1,000~
Capacity of people 1,000PEOPLE
Credit card
※ Average budget and price display will be a guide for VIP