【Article 1 definition]

1. CLUB PORT Name of homepage service provided by CLUB PORT (here after this site)

2. This service Generic name of homepage services provided by this site based on this terms of service

3. Content Generic name of information available from this service

4. user (user) All users who use this site with or without registration

5. registrant Users who registered various registration information according to the registration screen specified by this site among users

6. Registration information Information about registrants who can identify specific registrants by name, birth date and other descriptions included in the information

【Article 2 Terms of Service]

1. This Site Terms of Use (the "Terms of Use") hereby agrees to this Terms of Use by users using the Service provided by this Site, It will be applied to any use of this service.

2. The terms separately prescribed for the individual services offered by this site (hereinafter referred to as "individual terms") also constitute part of these Terms of Use.

3. If the provisions of this Terms of Service and the provisions of the individual agreement are different, the provision of such individual contract shall prevail.

【Article 3: Development of usage environment]

1. The user shall prepare the communication equipment, software necessary for using this service, and all the equipment required accompanying them at their own expense and responsibility And shall place the service in a state that it can be used. Also, at your own expense and responsibility, the user arbitrarily selects and connects to the Internet via telecommunications service or telecommunication line.

2. Users refer to the information provided by the relevant government agencies etc. and refer to the information provided by the relevant government agencies and others to protect security such as computer virus infection, unauthorized access, Shall be retained.